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Driving Instructor Training
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Being a driving instructor is an extremely exciting career but before you take the plunge is it really for you and it is a question you need to think about. Before you decide to start your training we would like to talk to you over the phone, arrange ameeting with you to discuss what it takes to become a driving instructor and to explain about our day today life. Then perhaps arrange a second meeting which would give you thinking time to make sure this is the right decision for you.

If you can imagine it is not particularly to become a driving instructor, there are three examinations that you need to pass, and they are known as part 1, part 2 and part 3. Part 1 is an extended theory test, part 2 is advanced driving and part 3 is to test your ability as a driving instructor.

At Yolodrive we will support you on every single aspect of your training which would also include business training. Driving School of Business training is seldom offered by other driving schools however in our opinion it is an important as your first three examinations. Running a driving school business is like no other you need skills to cover marketing, sales, people management, an advanced driving instructor skills. Passing your part 3 is really only the beginning of your career of being a successful driving instructor.

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