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Do You Want To Pass Your Driving Test Quickly And Easily?
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Getting You The Driving Licence


Your driving licence is now a big step closer to living in your purse or wallet now you are with YOLO Drive.

This driving school has a purpose and an agenda, and thats to make you into a great driver who is going to smash the driving test first time.

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There is a really famous song and we feel it sums up the excitement of learning to drive

Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

While we won't be exploding you into space you are going to feel brilliant about learning to drive and on that day when the driving instructor says to you "congratulations"  the feeling is un describable, words have yet to be written and the relief and elation you get all at the same time will keep you buzzing for months.

So there you are on the morning of your driving test, most learner drivers are feeling anxious and tense with what the day is about, but you, oh you are a lot different because your training has been with YOLO Drive. You know what it takes to pass your driving test, there are no secrets and no guessing games for you. In fact in the approach up to your driving test the only teaching that had been given to you is at an advanced level beyond the driving test because for a while you have no longer needed your instructor. You have been driving totally unassisted and because you have seen it and understand you are more than good enough you will go into your driving test, not cocky, but assured. You have what it takes, you don't need to guess, gamble or keep your fingers crossed, all you need to do is repeat what you have been doing in the car. 

Thats the sort of preparation and confidence which s going to help you save time, money and embarrassment because you will have the best chance of passing your driving test first time.

So how do we get you there? How are you going to get to the point of being brilliant? It all starts on your first driving lesson where you learn the basics but they are important skills you will keep for life. They are the bedrock of safe driving and passing your driving test first time.

You will then back this up with regular weekly 2 hour lessons, it is our recommended minimum. In fact we will go as far to say, if you can't afford that then save up until you can. There is very little point in you taking less and doing lessons here and there. You will learn very little, spend a lot and become demotivated. Sure there are 100's of driving schools who are prepared to take your cash, but we see your custom as investment into yourself, and therefore we are only going to give you the best advice. The best advice you can get is to take 2 hours a week as a minimum and do it every week. 

Remember back to when you were at school, there was alway that lesson which was one hour a week, could you remember what you did in your last lesson? Even with your exercise book in front of you, you needed a 20 minute recap, now imagine doing that with driving lessons you have paid for!

For expert training and to pass your driving test contact us today.



Wow you were really good would have never of thought I would have passed my test so quickly

Yes! Yes! Yes! Ive got my driving licence and I cant thank you so much. Cant recommend you highly enough

Cheryl Taylor
I had failed my driving test with 2 different instructors and then I went with Darius at Ds. He sorted me out so quickly and I knew I was going to pass and I did


Beginner Lessons

Never driven before and want to get started? This is ideal for you. Call for details.

Driving Test Rescue

Keep failing your test at another driving school an unsure why? We have the remedy for you

Part Trained

So you can drive but not good enough to pass your driving test? This course will help you save time and money

Semi Intensives

Do you need to pass super fast? We have got you covered. Just call for details.

Confidence Building

Feeling nervy or anxious, then you need to take control and comfortable. This course will help you do that with your driving.

Weekend Lessons

Are you just that bit too busy in the week? No problem you can do lessons on a weekend.
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